Living with persistent pain?

Need a space where you can just be you, pain and all...?

Join a support group where you don't have to hide or perform to make others comfortable. Where you can feel safe to bring your whole self, whatever that is in that moment and feel supported, listened to, and seen.

Online 1x/month for 90 minutes

(usually a Tuesday)

Price: FREE

Next one:

January 24, 2023
7:00pm Central European Time

What can you expect?

  • A 90-minute online experience to make space for you to vent, share, reflect, and to feel connected by our common experience.
  • A space to express yourself uninterrupted, without judgment or being given advice by others.
  • A chance to hear how others having a similar experience can relate to you.
  • A chance for you to connect with your inner sense of calm through brief guided meditation at the beginning and end of each session.
  • No imposed theme or goal of the session other than those of your own wishes
  • Safe and friendly non-judgmental space

Upcoming Dates 2023:

February 21st @7pm CET

March 21st @ 7pm CET

April 18th @ 7pm CET

Led by Christine Petrides

Christine is a registered physiotherapist working in persistent pain. She is from Canada, but works and lives in the Netherlands..

four person hands wrap around shoulders while looking at sunset

Find your people!

I have had too many clients tell me that they feel dismissed, under supported and not believed. In this case, it's not you, it's them.

Finding the right support can be really hard, especially when living with pain. Come and see if this is right for you. I think you're gonna like it.

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